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The Personal Manager of Your Mobile Phone

Looking for a better alternative to Android games? Need a handy game manager? Have hundreds of games that need to be organized and managed? Try out KK Installer.

First of all, KK Installer is just like its name to help you to manage your games. You can install or uninstall your games automatically or manually, as well as use home screen widgets and shortcuts to get quick access to them. You also can force uninstall all game data packet totally. This feature allows you to keep your games in order.
In addition, KK Installer provides you with the necessary tools and options for managing your games. It allows you to manage installed games and free space on your device by removing the largest unused data or installation packets. With KK Installer you will have a much better and more comfortably mobile game experience.

            KKGamer Team

What’s more, KK Installer is the personal manager of your mobile phone. Game data transfer and management have never been this easy with KK Installer. With KK Installer, all the games in your smartphone can be easily transferred between internal space and SD card. If it's difficult to install or uninstall your mobile games on the phone, get KK Installer to do the task. From adding new data packet to upgrade existing games to simply deleting unnecessary pervious data packet. KK Installer helps to make it as easy as pie.
KK Installer can clean up and manage your mobile games, saving memory space, let your mobile phone faster and more durable. By the way, backup and restore your game archives just need one click. Put away that constant worry of losing your game data or fear of switching to the wrong place. Simply entrust KKGamer’s KK Installer to back up your data with a single click! And if you want to restore this data to your phone or to another Android device, just breathe easy.
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