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World of Warriors is an epic combat and adventure strategy game! Journey across the vast Wildlands and amass an army of history's greatest warriors, from Romans and Vikings to Knights and Samurai. Battle the mighty Skull Army and take on players from around the world in the epic new ARENA mode! = FEATURES = - FREE TO PLAY - PLAY OFFLINE* - Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics, amazing sound design and AAA production values and polish. - Recruit an incredible team based on 100's of historically accurate real-life warriors. - Unleash mind-blowing special attacks upon fearsome opponents. - Hone your skills and perfect your strategy to outplay and out-think opponents in the ARENA where the toughest players from around the world battle it out. - Battle through the vast Wildlands to defeat evil King Boneshaker and his Skull Army of minions and bosses. - Collect materials and craft powerful Talismans to tip the tides of battle in your favor. - Train and Evolve your warriors to reach the highest heights and unlock the true power of your army. - Daily and Weekly events to take part in. - Compete against others for rare and exclusive prizes. KKGamer Team

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